Baltic Sea

So three friends of mine and me spent our last week in Graal-Müritz at the Baltic Sea. It was incredible. The weather was great, the food was good and the feeling was simply amazing.
On Monday morning we met at the train station and then had a 7 hour train ride to go. *yeiy* It was uhm, how can I describe it best?, exhausting. When we finally arrived we went to buy groceries and then, after a nice dinner, to the beach. One of my friends decided to go swimming. She didn't have her swimsuit with her so she just went with her romper. :D It was pretty funny though.
The next day we went to the beach again and were there pretty much all day long, read and listened to music. I got tanner, my friends got redder. One of them got a really bad sunburn too plus funny tan lines but since we're a nice  group of people she didn't feel too bad about it after a while anymore.
Wednesday we decided to visit a bigger town, called Rostock. And since we're girls we went shopping and bought, of course, some stuff. But oh well. :) 
Thursday we spent at the beach again and had a great picnic in the evening. It was kind of romantic but since we're all missing all on the whole relationship-thing we just had to cuddle with food which is nearly as good as a relationship plus less stressful. :D
On the second last day we went to an open air concert in another city. We just found out about that concert in Rostock and were so excited to be able to see Milow, Mark Forster and Andreas Bourani (not that y'all know them but I do). I you want to listen to some of their songs click here:

 It was directly at the beach - so cool! It was just so amazing.
We also took some pictures, I don't want to hide from you, so here are the best ones:

I should probably tell you who is who. The girl with the blond and curly hair is Lucie, the girl with the short brown hair is (have fun with saying that name) Wiebke (try to say her name and then listen to how you actually say it by clicking here, oh and send me a snapchat saying her name!!! I mean of course the people who have snapchat) and the girl with the brown hair is Fatima. Oh and the girl with the long brown and kind of reddish hair yeah, that's me. I hope y'all didn't forget me yet. :D

Hope y'all are doing great!
Oh and leave some comments if y'all want, I'd like to read what you think. :)

Patriotism, Soccer and Heat

Hey you guys,
I'm truly sorry that I didn't blog as much as I wanted to but a lot of stuff was going on. First of I passed my theoreticaldriving test, which gets me one step closer to my drivers license. Since I'm going to be gone most of the next 6 weeks, I'll take the practical test (aka driving the car without crashing the car, running over red lights or even worse pedestrians while a man or women is looking at you and trying to find the mistakes you make) after the new school year already started.

Before the game
The next BIG thing, and I mean REALLY BIG, was the World Cup. In case some of you didn't know, GERMANY WON THE WORLD CUP, for the first time since 1990! Some friends and me went to public viewing for the finale. Unfortunately it started raining - no, not raining, POURING - during half time. But as supporter of the German team we stayed and got soaked. It didn't matter in the end though, because Germany won and everybody was so happy/excited. It was an amaziing feeling being there. But I think a little visual impression would help imagining:


After the game

I should probably mention that the only time Germans wear German flags, or have a German flag in their houses is during the World Cup. It's like the only time Germans get patriotic. 

And now I had to get ready for vacation. Since Friday all my friends have holidays too (not to mention that I'm having holidays for 6 weeks now ;D). Summer holidays in Germany are 6 weeks long, which isnt a long time but I'm going to travel around a little. Of course, I'll try to blog about it every now and then but I can't promise that I will have time and/or wifi.

The first week, or better tomorrow I will go with some friends to the Baltic Sea, which is up north in Germany. We have our own holiday apartment and I'm sure we are going to have so much fun!

While it was rather cold when I first arrived back in Germany, it is so hot at  the Moment. I mean it is already 10.18pm over here and I'm still sweating my boody off. Plus Germans don't believe in AC as much as Americans do, so no house has an AC here. Sometimes during the summer it is so hot that I just can't sleep in my room at all (My room happens to be under the roof too, so it's as hot as possible up there, plus my window is toward the side where the sun is in the afternoon...). On those days I prefer the guest room, the couch downstairs, or even the floor. The main thing is that it's cold(er).

I hope y'all have a great time too! Enjoy the AC for me.