Back in Germany

How most of you already know I'm back in Germany. I arrived in my home town with shorts and tank top, which wasn't quite the right choice for Germany. With 55 or maybe 60 degrees it was just a little bit cold to wear those things. BUT I wore my cowboy hat so everything was fine (and the people had something to stare at, since thats what people tend to do). However, when I finally arrived by train (I flew from Orlando to Frankfurt and took the train to my home town) my mom and my three best friends stood there with a "welcome" sign. It was really nice seeing them all again and I have to say that barely anything changed while I was gone. As we drove down the street to my house, I could already see two people standing outside the door, which I didn't expect at all, since I didn't tell anybody but my three best friends that I would come back. It was really sweet though that they were there too. We ate some cake and exchanged news. I showed them my year book and they all thought it was so cool to have one (which by the way is so true! Yeiy yearbook). An hour later three of my other friends came by too and we made a small BBQ. It was overall a great time.
On Saturday then I met up with two other friends and watched the soccer game. Unfortunately Germany tied against Ghana, so it wasn't as good of a feeling as it could have been but how we know now it didn't hurt the team and thats all that matters (Germany and the US team both qualified for the next round!).
Monday I started my driving school. The whole getting-your-drivers-license-thing works a little different in Germany. While you just drive around the block in America and fill out a multiple choice test, you have to take a certain amount of theoretical lessons and also practical lessons in Germany. You have to have a certain amount of the latter to be able to take the driving test. Oh and you are also required to take a first-aid class (One day, up to 8 hours). And of course it is expensive too.
On Thursday, as well as Friday I went to school (Thursday for half an hour and Friday the whole schoolday) just to say hello to everybody and because I couldn't think of anything better to keep me busy.
Today (Saturday) we had our annual street festival going on and that is always fun.

Beeing busy really helps in terms of missing Florida. I mean of course I still miss it. I miss it a lot. I miss eating breakfast at iHop with Brett, or going outside the house and getting hit by a heat wave and 100% humidity. I miss playing with the dogs, Nick going to Publix and the cat that steals the socks out of my room. I miss starting a school day with the happy, but for most stdents just annoying "Good morning teachers and students, please stand for the flag". And that's just some of the stuff I'm missing.

So and now that I am back I think it is also a really important thing to say THANK YOU:
Thanks first of all to my parents that made my whole last year possible.
Also thanks to my awesome host family. I love you guys as my real family and you became so important to me and were always there for me in times of need.
Of course a big thanks to all my friends. You guys took me in and helped me a lot. Y'all are awesome!
Another thanks goes to my teachers and coaches. You made it possible to experience an american high school in the best possible way.
So yeah a big THANKS to all of you. :)

And if you guys kept reading till here I'm really proud of you. :)

Oh and of course here some of my favorite pictures from the last year.
But first klick play so that the whole thing has some background music:

I hope y'all enjoy your summer. I miss you!

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