It's been a long time since...

A long time since I postet something. I'm sorry about that but first of I was on vacation and then there is school, which is just a little bit (soooo much more!) stressful than in America.
I could write a huge paragraph about what I did the rest of the summer or how stupid and long my schedule is but it doesn't really matter anywway.
So I'm just gonna list some highlights of the past two months:

  1. We went hiking and biking.
  2. We went to Croatia and it wasn't as warm as expected but I still got a really bad sunburn on my stomache.
  3. We went to Vienna and I gotta say I am in love with that city.
  4. I got sick the weekend before school started again.
  5. I went back to school while  was still sick).
  6. We got our schedules and just to list the worst thing: I have 9(!!!) periods on Monday.
  7. I went on a one week class trip with some kids from my school who are into sports.
  8. It was pretty cool there (Baltic Sea).
  9. I had to make up one week of school (aka as a lot, and I mean A LOT, of work).
  10. I had to study a lot.Oh and still do. (Fortunately we're going having two weeks fallbreak coming up soon!)
  11. Our town hosted the Theater-Festival "Freiwild". They had some really great plays (Unfortunately I just saw two.).
  12. Today I'm goint to the "Oktoberfest" in our town with a bunch of friends.
  13. I'll spend 12 hours on the train this weekend.
I hope y'all have fun with homecoming tonight and I already wanna congratulate everybody who is in the court. I'm so excited for you! :)


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