November, November

Gosh, I didn't write a blog entry in forever.
But I've been so busy with school and everything that I just didn't find the time to do it. A lot has happened though. Firstly I am officially allowed to drive now [well my mom and dad still have to sit next to me till I'm turning 18 but still]. So that has been really exciting!
The next thing is that we finally got divided into groups in my theater club so now we know which play we're worling on this season. "50 Shades of Color" is the title of the play I'm part of. It's a dance play so all we do is dancing. We're working in the abstract. It's something I have never done before and I'm really excited about the chance to do it. The greatest part about my theater-club is the freedom they give you with the material. So we don't learn the choreography somebody else made but we invent it ourselves. It's like a huge project and that's just loads of fun.
We also started taking the first term papers and so I gotta study constantly. Just today we took the one in algebra and I just wish I was still in Florida where Mrs Hadden would explain the stuff to me in a way that actually somebody could understand. Unfortunately my teacher doesn't quite see the point in explaining things in an easy way.
Oh and not that long ago was Halloween. My friends and I decided to do a little Halloweeen-Party with dressing up and stuff. It was so much fun doing that!

Besides that I'm doing some of my Christmas shopping tomorrow. Even though I do know I'm a bit early but I'm always running late on things like that.
It's also really cold in Germany. Today it was like 38 degrees in the morning. The day's are shorter too. It starts getting dark around 4.30ish. But Christmas is coming up with all it's lights so I'm just gonna keep thinking about that. 

I hope y'all are doing fine! :)

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