Shades of Colours

So I haven't blogged in forever and I am really sorry about it. However a lot of stuff has happened: I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, went skiing for a couple days, got a decent grade report, went to a thousand rehearsals, had winter break with even more rehearsals, turned 18 and had an awesome premiere of the play.
That was basically everything but I feel like I should be a little more accurate about some parts.

Let's start with rehearsals and the premiere:
I am part of an abstract dance play this year. It's called "Shades of Colours" and it's about colors (who would've guesses that?) and our associations with them (red = love, white = innocents, black = death). We're a cast of 9 people, 2 guys and 7 girls. It was a really fun time working on the choreographies and I am so glad that I was able to work together with them. But let me show you some pictures. :)

All pictures were taken by Tilmann Graner and he owns the content! 

In case you really wanna see us perform you have to come to Germany. Other dates on which we perform are Sun. 15.02., Tue 03.03., and Tue 26.05. So come over if you want to. :)

Next big thing was my 18th birthday. It happened to be on the same date as our premiere and it was just the perfect day. At midnight some unexpected friends came by and we celebrated a little. In the morning I drove alone for the first time (you're not allowed to do that until you are 18 in Germany). 

Fun fact: My first ride went to the hospital.

After going to buy some groceries I picked up some friends and we made ourself some brunch. It was delicious, not quite IHOP standards but close enough. Shortly after I already had to go to the theater to get ready for the play. We started on time and even more important every seat was occupied. In the end everybody told us that we were awesome and we were just so proud. Afterwards we had a little party and a lot of great food. Here's a picture of the cast:

Yes I had a birthday crown - because I am awesome!
(and because my friends gave it to me)
I hope you guys are having a great time over in sunny Florida.

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